Friday, 25 January 2013

The Old Sugar Land Club House: More From The Buehring Family ...

I should have asked Walt Buehring for help in identifying people in these photos, but I'll take a stab at it.? Many thanks to Walt for posting these photos on Flickr and letting me link to them.?

In this first photo Lawrence Elkins is presenting a diploma to Walt at his graduation from Dulles Junior High.? Louis Hans in the background on the right. I can see Herb Shelton and Kenneth Landin in the far background.? If my calculation is correct, this photo was taken in the spring of '68.

Walt, Cindy, and Bunnye appear with Dulles exchange student, Niglun Serdaroglu, who lived with the Buehrings in the 1969/70 school year.


I assume Bunnye is getting a birthday spanking from her friends.

This final photo shows Gary Buis with Ann Marie Sciba in the fall of '69, I think. ?


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